Combining creationism and breast enlargment: Meet the sexual muslim preacher Adnan Oktar!

Let us start off with an experiment: Close your eyes and think of a Muslim preacher talking to some true believing female Muslims. Now open your eyes again and hit the play button in this next video:

An international Agenda:

At this point of your life if you never heard about Adnan Oktar than I´ll assure you that you will be shocked. Adnan Oktar, also known as Harun Yahya is a famous Islamic preacher from Turkey. He is known to be the owner of a TV Station (A9) where mostly creationist worldviews are spread. He has various Youtube Channels one of which is Yaratilis TR(which means creation in Turkish) which has close to 100.000 followers. There are also various other Channels which publish his content and he reaches several million people all around the world. Adnan Oktar seems to be popular especially in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia as well as in the Arab world.

Islam in Turkey:

Modern day Turkey has the image of being one of the most liberal Muslim Countries in the world. Although on paper around 99% are of Muslim belief you can find a big portion of cultural Hybridisation in Cities like Istanbul or Izmir. In some Istanbul “ghettoesque” districts you can find conservative Muslims living next to Transexuals and things alike. Drinking is also an important part of Turkish culture because of Turkic peoples nomadic traditions.                                               In the last 12 years Turkey has undergone some changes. The conservative Muslim AKP government made it their self declared goal to raise a more conservative and muslim youth. This is often a dilemma for the Turkish youth because they live in a two faced country where on one side secularism is part of the constitution and on the other side fundamentalist ideas are widely and openly spread throughout mass media. Many Turkish people live somewhere between these two worlds. While some conservative Muslims often drink or go to brothels you can also see gay designers who were supporters of the authoritarian conservative government. In a country where on the one hand men are beaten on the street because they wear earrings on the other hand you can see that one of the biggest stars is the transsexual Bülent Ersoy(who by the way recently decided to wear a head scarf and is a well known conservative. Most of her programs are shown in AKP near TV Station like ShowTV which are very popular TV channels among the conservative Muslims and/or the rural population).

Now who is this Adnan Oktar?

So by now you should see that Turkey has its very own way of Islam. Adnan Oktar was one of the first persons who understood this and commercialized this. He combines old fashioned Islamic preaching with sexuality. A LOT of sexuality. Some people would describe it as borderline Porn but I leave that up for the reader to decide. During his TV broadcasts he explains us why  Darwinism is invented by the devil, communism is the biggest thread to mankind, all terrorists are darwinists and other typical old fashioned propaganda. That´s not the interesting part of the story. The interesting part of the story is how he does that. Adnan Oktar has a helpful staff who have some strong arguments for his case..


These girls who look like like narco beauties from Colombia are also hosts who are always present during his speeches. Apparently after joining up with Adnan Oktar most of these girls rapidly change. Here is a picture gallery where you can see the evolution(!) of these girls. An absurd amount of the time in each of his programs consists of flirting between the preacher and his girls. His enormous arsenal of compliments consist of things like  “you have eyes like a very big cat” , “you Olga beautiful woman and you like bunny[sic]” or “paris hilton is sweet like a meatball(turkish)”.

When you think that it cant get any more awkward than this:

Here are some of the international friends of Adnan Oktar and his Organization:

1, international Hiphop Model Jolina Bonita

2, Adnan Oktar and his international grande lodge mason friends

3,  Adnan Oktar converting a eastern european atheist within a couple of minutes

4, Adnan Oktar talks about his meeting with Madonna

So whats the big deal with a preacher who is liberal about sex?

The problem is that Adnan Oktar is much bigger than just a crazy preacher he is a Sunni zealot(which during times of Erdogan becomes more and more accepted throughout the society) . He is a omnipotent international force and he has had problems with the law in several occasions. He was arrested 1991 because of cocaine possession. Oktar accused the secret service that they have planted cocaine in his books and poisoned his food and was released later on. He had 20 court trials because he was accused of being a leader of of a criminal organization but he won most of his trials although he served some time in prison in 1986. During his time in prison he was sent to the Bakirköy mental clinic in Istanbul were he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder and schizophrenia.

After that a book with a certain book with the name of “the holocaust lie” was published by Adnan Oktar. Later on however he denied writing it and said that a friend of him had written the book using his name but also stated that he agrees with some ideas within this book. He published a plenty of videos praising the turkish prime minister Erdogan and it is said that he has some political influence in Turkey. For a period of time he was able to block Turkish internet usersfrom visiting the internet site from famous evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins as well as the whole wordpress site as well as the third biggest newspaper in Turkey. Biologist Richard Dawkins after that responded to some of the biological theories written in the “Atlas of Creation” by Adnan Oktar. In this video you can see some of his interresting claims. Oktar also offers 4.4 Trillion £ to a person who can show him a transitional fossil(thats about 13x the wealth of bill gates).

Theories about structure of the organization:

It is very hard to get into the sect because its more of a closed society. Officially he runs two foundations but he was accused of running a mob which uses extortion as well as blackmail to gain money. The foundations has an armada of 60(!) websites who promote his ideas throughout the world. According to Islamic reformist Edip Yüksel his theories about creationism are stolen from creationists from the United States and then pictures and Muslim prayers are added.

The main theory behind is organization/sect is that the girls are used as gatekeepers and pull people into the sect. As we can see in the picture almost all of these girls had a massive amount of plastic surgery and they are all wearing Versace, Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton. They seem to be financed by the organization and their main goal is to lure rich wealthy man into the sect by promising them sexual intercourse. He only forbids sexual intercourse that leads to pregnancy therefor they are allowed to have oral and anal sex. This detailed article, which includes some statements from Ex-Members, states that sometimes the sex is filmed and people are blackmailed. It is also mentioned that there are two kinds of girls in the sect. Ones are the “sisters” and the others are the “concubines”. The concubines are the ones who recruit for the organization but they can marry a member within if they desire. The sisters however, are only married to Adnan Oktar.  In the same article a former member tells us that he also uses violence on women to prevent them from leaving the sect. The former member talks about that one of the rules is that everyone needs to look the same. Dress the same kind of clothing and use the same kind of makeup always with the goal to fulfill the beauty ideals of Oktar himself. This rule seems to be omnipresent for both man and women.


You can decide for yourself if he is a crazy person, a successful businessman, a Muslim preacher with a liberal approach to sex or fundamentalist but I would tend to say that these categories fail when It comes to describing such a controversial figure. Only thing we can say for sure is that he is super rich (that he can even afford a bus advertisement campaign in London) and most influental islamic preachers in the whole world. There are several reasons for his success. Adnan Oktar certainly hit a nerve of Turkish society during this certain time. A couple of months ago the first “halal” Islamic online sex shop opened in Turkey. Adnan combined sexuality and Islam in a way that seems to have a certain appeal to a lot of people.There might be a correlation in a certain country, how much people are sexually repressed and how high the sexual frustration levels are. If you see Oktars idea not ideologically but in a business type of way than sexual frustration and a high % of religious people might be just the right place for such Programs to be successful.

Despite being involved in so many different problems with the law he is a public figure who is close to the government. His views about creating a new Islamic-Turkish empire overlap with the neo-ottoman fantasies of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu. The approach might be different but maybe Adnan Oktars way of using silicon supported concubines to create a global mob might be just as efficient or even better than supporting Jihadists with weapons.

P.S: Maybe he is too much of a threat to entertain you but his sect certainly does now to to dance!

If you are somehow crazy or have any other deep mental issues and really like this kind of entertainment than you can consider yourself lucky. Adnan Oktar has also launched a new music channel on youtube 🙂


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